Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

At the McCreary Law Firm we handle all aspects of postconviction relief claims.  These types of claims arise after a conviction is entered against an individual.  There are many issues that can be attacked in a postconviction claim however, there are certain time frames that make it imperative to contact us as soon after a negative resolution of your case.  The most common type of issue in postconviction relief claims are for ineffective assistance of trial counsel.  Unfortunately, not all attorney's complete their due diligence and miss dispositive motions, fail to investigate facts and witnesses and otherwise jeopardize their clients wellbeing. Most of the time it is unkowingly done by the attorney but nonetheless, the client ultimately suffers. Attorney McCreary will discuss any postconviction issues with you or your family members to determine the likelyhood for success and the costs to file a postconviction claim.

Double Jeopardy Issues

While not as common as Ineffective Assistance of Counsel claims, and generally related, double jeopardy claims do still occur.  These happen when a Defendant pled to two or more counts that were essentially one and the same due to the underlying elements of the offenses.  We can research these claims and discuss the remedy with you.

Immigration Issues/Deportation

All too often we hear of people facing deportation because of either a misdemeanor or felony conviction. Well that should have been discussed fully when the case was resolved. This issue also has time limitations and should be explored as soon as possible.  Don't wait until deportation proceedings begin, contact us today to discuss your options in a postconviction proceeding.

Driver's License Suspensions/Revocation Issues

Were you unaware when you entered a plea that your license would be suspended or revoked for a long time period?  Were you designated a habitual traffic offender because of a criminal citation or conviction? Then a postconviction proceeding could help clear up your license and get you driving legal again.  There are also time limitations to proceed with a postconviction motion, so contact us today to have a free consultation.