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Attorney Terry McCreary

Terry McCreary is a criminal defense attorney who has established a highly successful criminal defense trial practice in South Florida.  Prior to entering private practice, Mr. McCreary was an Assistant State Attorney in Hillsborough County where he prosecuted all levels of crime.  

Attorney McCreary has tried over 100 criminal cases, some involving murder, DUI, drug trafficking and sex crimes. His professional mission is to do everything in his power to obtain the best possible outcome for his valued clients under challenging circumstances.  He passionately believes that serving his clients is an extraordinary opportunity and gift.  



Trial Preparation

Attorney McCreary believes that a successful outcome for his clients requires immense preparation.  This type of preparation includes exhaustive investigation into the factual background of the case, full and accurate discovery disclosure and having complete client preparation.  Attorney McCreary believes that due process considerations take precedence over the State and Court's desire to resolve cases as fast as possible.  That is why an experienced attorney is needed to ensure all information and preliminary matters are resolved before a trial is commenced.


Pre-Trial Motions

Attorney McCreary has a strong belief in pre-trial motion practice.  In many cases the filing and arguing of pre-trial motions may keep his clients from having to undertake a stressful trial.  Likewise, Attorney McCreary knows all too often law enforcement cuts corners and fails to properly seize evidence, undertake unlawful searches and otherwise fail to abide by the constitutional parameters of an individual's rights. Many other attorney's fail to properly investigate their cases and miss valuable opportunities to exclude evidence, suppress statements and limit any unfavorable evidence the State wants to introduce.


Trial & Thereafter

Attorney McCreary's trial skills have been honed over almost fifteen years of criminal trial litigation experience. He has over one hundred trials in the field of criminal law.  While his goal is to resolve a case with pre-trial motions and/or speaking with prosecutors into a favorable resolution, he is always prepared to go to trial to obtain justice for his clients.  From jury selection to cross examination and closing statements, Attorney McCreary has a keen sense for obtaining a just verdict for his clients.  Even when obtaining an aquittal for his client he understands they are never whole.  That is why Attorney McCreary also assists his clients in cleaning up false arrests with expungement/sealing issues, postconviction relief and appellate work.